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‘And Still They Bloom’

Anne Pollard James

10x10 print


Join me in supporting Carson House Tulsa. By purchasing this special print, available only as a member of Carson House Tulsa, you can support this mission of building up women to make positive change in our communities.


Why support Carson House Tulsa?


Our Mission:


Carson House Tulsa was created out of a desire to bring community together through art, poetry, movement and kindness. We offer small community workshops and gatherings with the purpose of supporting women practicing arts within Tulsa.


~We believe that our biggest impact comes by supporting women who are actively making Tulsa a better place simply by being their fullest self.


~We believe that our ripple of change happens because of the support that we offer to individual women coming into Carson House and that by focusing on this simple mission of support, that people then go out and make a positive impact on those around them.


Your support allows us to offer experiences like Red Door Yoga, Thursday Life Drawing, First Saturday Series, Art Workshops, Book Clubs and many other community experiences.  For information on any of these classes, please reach out or look for 'Carson House Tulsa' on social media.  


If YOU have an idea for an experience at Carson House, let's talk! We are interested in engaging with other friends looking for spaces to build women up.


Carson House Tulsa is not a 501 c3. We are a labor of love, fully funded by Anne Pollard James and the kindness of our friends like you.


Shipping is additional and $20 but for local pick up use 'RedDoor' and you can pick up at Carson House in Tulsa!

'And Still They Bloom' Carson House Edition

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