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  • Anne Pollard James

The Red Thread

I was talking to my friend today-- about Carson House, about her pregnant friend, about ways we build each other up as friends and how sometimes we go to each other (regardless of what might be polite to their spouse) when we think they need 'us' to go. We run interference for/about/in front of them, or whatever else could be necessary to do the job of friend. Of a sister.

Carson House Tulsa has turned into 'something' special and we were working to put what that is down on paper. The first time I hosted yoga at the space, it had a Blue Door. We called it Blue Door Yoga. But something about that bothered me. The idea of color and gender is a funny one but I wanted this space to read woman. Actually I wanted it to SCREAM woman. So, I painted the door the most incredible fuchsia/red and it definitely does. And of course now, it's Red Door Yoga. And that you know immediately that this is a space for all the ages, shapes and colors of woman. I want this space to be warm, welcoming and most importantly a space for woman to always feel safe to be a woman. In all the ways. No armor or costume necessary.

As we talked through these concepts of sorority, sisterhood she said the words 'the red thread' in context to what binds the theme of something, and it lit me up. She continued to her point but I was still thinking 'the red thread'. I kept coming back to those words.

'The Red Thread' is the why.

Whatever gatherings or programs we do at Carson House, they will be connected by the Red Thread. Our committment to each other, 'sororitas'.

Welcome to the Red Thread.

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