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A Menopause Workshop



July 26




Join Anne Pollard James on the last Friday of every month, as she hosts a gorgeously informative conversation about ALL phases of menopause (think 35-65!) and

WHAT IN THE F❤️CK !?! is actually happening.



We are excited to welcome Kandice Mallinger to Carson House. We will discuss the profound effects of estrogenic changes on the brain; as well as ways that we can support optimal brain function for ourselves, and the women in our lives, through nutrition, hormone therapy and other lifestyle interventions.

Our goal is simply to share information and community to help you find your way on this shockingly winding road. More importantly, we will arm you with information and talking points so you can talk to the medical provider of your choice with confidence.


Friday July 26

6-9 pm

Carson House Tulsa

1401 S. Carson Ave


The reason for this ongoing series is simple: I’ve discovered personally that this process for managing peri/post and menopausal bodies is overwhelming, overly complicated, unnecessarily ambiguous, endlessly frustrating and EXPENSIVE!


PS if I sent this to you and it does not apply, my hope is that you will share it with somebody that it could help. This will be a series of ongoing discussions.




A Menopause Workshop @Carson House

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